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˛ Thanksgiving in Corning ˛

November 2005

Our first morning at Nana & Papa's house we had a belated birthday breakfast for Nana!

Mummy brought special Martin Family Birthday Coffee Cake all the way from Aspen!

Jeremy wanted to make certain there would be coffee cake for Yankee Bear!

When Daddy was a little boy just our age, Papa built him a very special garage with an elevator and ramps. Papa & Uncle Todd cleaned it up for us to play with. HOORAY!


We LOVE having Papa around to play and share favorite books with!

But we still kept looking out the windows all day on Tuesday, waiting for Uncle Todd to arrive from NYC!

We like playing airplane. We get comfy in our First Class seats, with our drinks and our books and our laptop computers. (Jeremy has an in-flight phone at his seat).


there is always

an in-flight snack

of pretzels!

During our long flights, we spend a lot of time working on our laptop computers...



Even though Mummy doesn't like us checking our emails at meal times, sometimes we still do...



We do occasionally power-down our computers and head out into the snow. We like making Giant Footsteps in the snow!


We braved the winter weather to head off to our atelier (at the children's drop-in center in the public library) to work on our Art.


We proudly brought the best of our artwork home for Nana!  

When we're not busy at our offices...


...we love playing with our Papa.

He is the MOST fun!


In the afternoon the Martin boys watched the movie OLIVER for the 100th time...


Then Alex put on a special Thanksgiving outfit of his very own creation...


We made special Thanksgiving center-pieces with Mary Paula in school. (We think that Nana's turkeys are a bit jealous of our turkeys!)


Papa helped us climb up into our seats for dinner.



We toasted our special Thanksgiving. It is so nice to all be together. That makes us Very happy. CHEERS! 


What a great Thanksgiving!

When we're at Nana & Papa's house, Alex is in charge of the refrigerator magnets...

We love going shopping at Wegman's Grocery Store with Nana!

(we love doing anything with Nana)

It is always fun to visit the Corning Aquarium with Uncle Todd.

It is a smaller the aquarium in Denver,

but we still like it.


(Yankee Bear thinks it is the lobster tank at Wegman's, but he didn't say so.)

Alex helped Mummy with unloading the shopping cart after a successful visit to Wegman's!


Ambassador Jeremy likes introducing his Chargé d'Affairs, the Honorable Yankee Bear, to visiting dignitaries who stop by Nana & Papa's house for a visit.


Daddy's high school friends Mark & Kathy Malmendier stopped by to visit. Mark taught Jeremy a funny dance from the 1970's...


Disco Jeremy!

Nana & Papa's friend Teresa Rossetti brought us Santa hats...


One night as we were getting ready

for bed Jeremy said to Daddy:

   "Thank you for bringing me on the

    airplane to see Nana & Papa."

We have the best of times in Corning!



Much, much too soon it was time for us to leave Corning for the long trip home to Aspen.

But before we left there was still much fun to be had!

On Friday afternoon we bundled up warm and headed down to Centerway Square for

some pre-Christmas festivities. Mark & Kathy came along, and we treated them to

shakemilks at the Old World Café.

While we waited for our chocolate and strawyberry shakemilks to arrive, Jeremy entertained

us with his patented "scary face"...

(even though everyone pretended to be frightened, they knew is was just lovable Jeremy)

We love sharing sips of shake with Mummy...

It was a cold night in the Square, but lots of fun things were happening.

we watched & danced to a musical show on the stage...

At one point Alex looked up at the November night sky and remarked that "the stars

look like butterflies."

We even got to see Santa in his workshop!

We were very sad to leave Nana & Papa and Uncle Todd.

But we know we'll see them very soon, so that cheered us up a bit.

When we got to Denver, Jeremy said thank-you and goodnight to everything he

saw, including the escalators and elevators, culminating with thanking the airplane

which brought us home. He said, with his very best manners: "Thank you airplane for

coming on the airplane with me."





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