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Huge Bangaloons!

Mummy's birthday evening

September 17, 2005


When Jeremy saw the birthday decorations yesterday morning for Mummy's birthday,

he was concerned because there were no "bangaloons".

He was, as always, correct, so Mummy & Daddy quickly blew up four blue balloons.


Little did Jeremy know that we would be celebrating Mummy's birthday with Giant Bangaloons!!!

In the late afternoon we drove out to Snowmass for the evening festivities at the Snowmass Balloon Festival! There was a bouncy castle for us to play in (one of our most favorite things)...

And a bluegrass played music for us to dance to...

We ate hamburgers & hot dogs with funny names (bratwurst)...

and we played Very Silly Games...

And then the Most Amazing Thing happened. Giant hot air bangaloons began to appear in the field,

first one and then another. The acres of fabric which were spread out across the grass quickly filled

with air and then rose up high into the sky!

Giant fires lit up the inside of the bangaloons.

Alex was worried about what the fires were for, but when Daddy explained,

Alex understood and was fascinated.

There were giant bangaloons everywhere we looked, filling the night sky.

It was so beautiful!

When we drove home, long after dark, we were very tired but very excited.

The most amazing moon shinning down on the end of Mummy's birthday.

What a special day!

Hooray for birthdays!  Hooray for our Mummy!




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