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Hooray for Boogie's Diner!

November 5, 2005

After we played in the snow this morning, we all went to Boogie's Diner for lunch with our pal Kimi.

Boogie grew up in Baltimore, hanging out a diner with his pal Barry. Barry grew up

to be Barry Levinson and he made a movie called DINER about hanging out at a diner

with his pal Boogie, who was played in the movie by Mickey Rourke. Boogie became a

garmento in New York City and made lots of money. He retired to Aspen, and decided

to open a diner like the one he use to hang out in when he was a boy growing up in


Boogie knows how to make amazing chocolate and strawyberry milkshakes!

Yankee Bear was exhausted by the sight of all that food!

We had a really good time with Kimi and Daddy and Mummy at Boogies!

Jeremy kept practicing saying "Boogie" ("No Jeremy, it's 'Boogie', not 'Booger'").

We think he is practicing so he can ask to come back again soon.

We had the best time at Boogies!

Boogie was in the diner today, and as we were leaving Jeremy said 'thank you' to him,

and melted Mr. Boogie.

And then we went to the town pool to go for swimming. We did LOTS of diving!

After we got out of the pool we went into the Lewis Ice Arena to watch little boys playing

hockey. We ate MsyMs, and then the most amazing thing happened... the big Zamboni

machine came out to clean the ice. We like to shout "Zamboni!" when we passed the

one which is parked outside the Ice Garden near our house, but we had never seen one

in action. Jeremy was so excited that he forgot about the MsyMs. (Alex, however,

can watch a Zamboni without forgetting to eat MsyMs, so he got most of the bag.)

What a day we had!




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