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Transportation & the Big Election

November 5, 2005


We are so proud of our Mummy! Aside from being the most fun Mummy (inventor of silly games,

giver of endless cuddles, baker of daily freeesssh bread, author of goofy songs, amazing chef,

swimming teacher, and so much more), she masterminded the Aspen Historical Society's successful

electoral campaign to set up a special taxation district to support the organization forever.


This is the postcard which the Historical Society created of some of Aspen's characters through

the years to urge support for their tax initiative:


This afternoon Alex decide to go for a drive in his tiny blue car...

It gets VERY good gas mileage!

Jeremy decided that he too wanted to go for a drive in a small car.

Of course Yankee Bear came along for the ride (he also brought juice, because

smallboys can get Very Thirsty on long drives)!

Unfortunately Jeremy learned that drinking and driving don't mix.

While his Orange Car was in the shop for repair, Jeremy hopped into his jet plane.

Since it is a Very Small jet plane, Pilot Jeremy has to carry the luggage in his teeth...

(Jeremy Airways apologizes in advance if your luggage is a bit damp when it arrives

at baggage claim.)


Anders came over to play this morning with his mommy, Rebecca.

While Mummy & Rebecca chatted, Jeremy went for a sail down the Roaring Fork

River in his small green boat. (Mummy's feet provided the waves.)


Editor's note:

Jeremy is already a small lawyer. The other night when Jeremy threw something and

Mummy was cross with him he tried to defend himself by claiming that he didn't throw it,

it moved. And then one morning when he did something naughty in the playroom Daddy said

to him: "Okay Jeremy, give me your best legal argument why you shouldn't go to the Naughty

Step." Jeremy thought for a moment, then said: "Because I had a Big Poo." Upon examination

of the evidence by the Court, Jeremy was granted a special one-time pardon from serving

time on the Naughty Step.




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