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Getting Ready for Halloween

October 31, 2005


Halloween is VERY exciting!

On Sunday we started preparing for the Big Day. When we woke up from

our nap there was a Halloween present to open from Uncle Todd!

Inside was a collection of scary faces!

Here is a picture of Jeremy with one of the scary faces...

(Jeremy is the one on the right. He was doing his own special Scary Face

which reduces Mummy & Daddy to helpless laughter.)

Next there were special Trick or Treat snacks...

Then we dressed up as airplanes (!!!) and flew around the house...

Pilot Alex is on his way to England (if he can get past the airspace congestion in the living room)!

Pilot Jeremy is always ready for take-off!


BUT WAIT, there was still more fun to come.

After we landed our airplanes we all carved pumpkins! It was Daddy's job to dig the

yucky stuff out from the inside the pumpkin. Jeremy thought he might help, but after

one handful of the yucky stuff he changed his mind and insisted on an IMMEDIATE

hand wash in the sink.

Mummy tells us we're still too small to use sharp carving knives, so we picked out the

design which we wanted Mummy to carve for us. Alex wanted a happy face; Jeremy

wanted a sad face.

here are Jeremy, Daddy, Mummy, and Alex.

We liked it when Daddy turned off all the lights and we got to see the pumpkins all

lit up from the inside. Halloween is the best of fun!!



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