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Adventures of the Gingerbread Men

October 30, 2005


When we woke up this morning, there were two gingerbread men waiting for us.

One of them had a "J" (Jeremy shouted: "J for Jeremy!") the other had an "A"

(Alex shouted: "A for Alex!")...

They were super Yummy!

But that was only the start of our Sunday breakfast.

Mummy made French toast from her homemade challah bread. WOW!

We ate everything on that plate. There was nothing left for Mummy & Daddy!


Then, even though it was snowing hard, we climbed into our car to drive down to

Glenwood Springs to visit the new Target superstore. (We are the only people

in Aspen who have not yet been to the new store.) On the way out of town we

roared at Mr. Bear on top of the Hickory House -- he was covered with snow and

looked more than a little bit chilly.


At the Target we helped Mummy & Daddy with their shopping cart.

(We are Very Helpful little boys.)

We like playing "I spy with my little eye" in the car with Mummy.

Mummy spies something out the window, and then we have to find it.

But the only thing we saw out the window of the car today was snow.

So instead we listened to the elephant march from JUNGLE BOOK

and ate our fries & nuggets from McDonalds as we drove back home

to Aspen.



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