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A Visit from Mr. Bernstein?

October 28, 2005


One afternoon this week we built a giant castle, just like in England!

Then we decided to climb on board an airplane and fly to England!

Playing airplane is our new most favorite game. We get all comfy in our Business Class seats

and then Flight Attendant Mummy brings us each a little bag of pretzels, an in-flight beverage,

and a book to read. We sit for very, very long periods of time in our airplanes reading our books.

(Though sometimes Alex likes to stick his arms out like wings, just to help the plane fly along.)

(Yankee Bear gets to come along for free, as a lap bear.)

Sometimes, on longer flights, there is an in-flight movie!

If you are curious about where we are going, most of the time we're headed for England!

The service on the flights is often very good.  When we ring our call buttons,

Flight Attendant Mummy brings us more pretzels!


Last night Daddy flew home on a plane from a quick trip to L.A. He arrived just as we were having

our bedtime story. We were very excited! Jeremy ran over and gave Daddy a big hug and said:

"I missed you Daddy!" Alex pleaded: "Take off work shoes!" (Daddy says on the airline he flies

passengers only get one bag of pretzels. We think we'll stick with our Couch Airways flights.)


Daddy went to L.A. for a retirement party for Mr. Bernstein. Mr. Bernstein ran United Artists

for many years, then Orion Pictures, and, for the last 15 years, Paramount. Daddy really liked

working for Mr. Bernstein. Daddy helped plan the party with two of his friends at work.

They made "Mr. Bernstein Masks" for everyone to wear at the party, since it is nearly Halloween...

We like being Mr. Bernstein!

We'll bet this is the very first time that Mr. Bernstein ever wore Martian pajamas!!




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