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Halloween Party at the Marolt Barn

October 29, 2005


This morning after the Farmers' Market we went to a special Halloween Party which the

Aspen Historical Society was hosting at the Marolt Barn, which is a mining museum in the

open space at the edge of town!

We were given trick-or-treat bags! Jeremy got a pumpkin bag and Alex got a

Frankenstein bag! They had cool games of skill where you could win treats to put

in your bag (assuming that you didn't eat them before they reached the bag).


Alex stepped right up to try the pumpkin ring toss... and won a candy coin!

Jeremy decided that he wanted to try too!

He also won a treat! Hooray!


Next we tried the Witches' Hat Ring Toss!

We won more treats for our trick-or-treat bags (or, more accurately, for our tummies)!


When we weren't winning or eating treats, we played on the old mining railroad...

Jeremy was a small orange mining train.


Mummy has been helping the Historical Society with their upcoming bond election,

and she proudly wore one of their badges...

Alex proudly wore one of their lollypops!


There was a haunted house with a spooky skeleton by the front door. The skeleton

was singing 1970's era disco tunes. Alex wasn't in the least bit intimidated.

He marched right up the stairs to check out the skeleton (he soon found the purple

button which made Mr. Skeleton sing)...

Jeremy and Yankee Bear were a bit more cautious. They stayed safely at the base

of the stairs. You can't be to sure about skeletons... they might eat pumpkins (and small bears).

We had the best of times at the party!

All too soon it was time to head back over the bridge across the Roaring Fork River

to home for lunch. (Jeremy wanted to stop and play Pooh Sticks, but the bridge is

a little too high for that.)



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