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˛ Nick & Michelle come to play! ˛

September 22-26, 2005

Our Best Pals Nick & Michelle are here to play with us. HOORAY!

They came all the long way from Atlanta (we don't know where that is, but we know it is farther than Denver).

All week we've been waiting for them to arrive. Every time a plane flew overhead we asked if it might be their plane.

Jeremy is so excited to have them here!

To celebrate he put on his Statue of Library Hat for a very Special Performance of 

"New York, New York" for Michelle!               We played a Very Silly game of Wheelbarrow!


One evening we took our Nick & Michelle up to our favorite place, Maroon Lake.

We ran along the Lake, and Michelle showed us how to throw stones into the water!

The leaves are all changing, and soon it will snow (and then we will ski!). The evening turned chilly, and Alex Bear cuddled with Mummy to stay warm while Jeremy Bear & Michelle ran back to the car.


Back at home we took our baths, after which Jeremy dressed up like a Nun and sang a stirring version of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" from The Sound of Music....


Sometimes in the morning we like to read books in our toy-cave before we get dressed...


...and sometimes after we get dressed Jeremy likes to take his clothes off and run around the back deck. That's silly!


On Saturday morning we took Nick and Michelle down to the Farmers' Market for our regular Saturday morning exploration!


Here are Nick and Michelle, mouths full of food!


We ate kettle corn and apples and lollypops. We love the Farmers' Market!

(why did we have the feeling

someone was watching us?)


Then we went to visit our pals at the Aspen Fire Protection barn.

We said "bye-bye" to Michelle and drove off in Engine 2!    

(Just kidding, Even though we said "please!" they wouldn't give us the keys.)


We're not the only Firemen in Aspen. 


...Michelle is an Honorary member,

and so is our little pal Anders... 

Off to Scotland...

We took Nick & Michelle with us to Scotland.  When we got there, it look just like Snowmass. 

Well, Snowmass with men wearing plaid skirts.  Daddy told us it was the "Highlands Game". 

Okay, but we still think the skirts looked pretty silly.



We watched Men in Skirts trying to through a telephone pole.  Mummy said it was a caber toss. We still think the phone company is going to be upset when they find out about this.  We cheered on the competitors, even though we think we still prefer baseball.


We had hotdogs for lunch.

(Do they eat hotdogs in Scotland?)


And a Man in a Skirt played a bagpipe while Alex danced an authentic Scottish dance of His Own Invention!

(Mr. Bagpipes had some Very Big Swords, so it was a good thing no one made fun of his skirt.)

Alex kept trying to cross the rope to enter the competi- tion himself...

So, Mummy & Daddy suggested

that he enter the Stone Put.

(The Men in Skirts called it

the Clachneart.)

Alex was such a Star Scottish Athlete that Jeremy decided he wanted to compete too!!!

(A man was filming us. If we get an offer to turn pro, we plan to accept it. But only if we don't have to wear Skirts.)


Then it was time for another snack before heading home for our nap.

It is Very Tiring being Scottish.


The only thing better than having Nick & Michelle here to play with us is...

eating ice cream at the Paradise with Nick & Michelle!

...and strolling through town, after eating our ice cream, to play at the Yellow Brick playground!

When we arrived at the playground, Jeremy raced over to his favorite climbing wall. He is Monkey Boy of Aspen!


Alex can't decide whether, when he grows up, he wants to be an airplane pilot or an airplane...


If the airplane career doesn't pan out, he can fall back on his skills as a star basketball player...

Jeremy and Alex like to talk to each other on the Secret Speakerphone at the park. For reasons known only to us, we like to shout: "FRIES & NUGGETS, HOORAY!!!"


On Sunday we took Michelle & Nick for our favorite hike up in Independence Pass. We gathered lots of twigs for a competitive game of Pooh Sticks. And then we taught Nick & Michelle how to play. They learned very fast (but we still won).


We hiked past some Very Odd trees...

We were surprised and excited to see our old friend The Moon in the middle of the day...

But then all of a sudden it was Monday morning and Nick & Michelle had to say goodbye.

we were VERY SAD. Jeremy cried and cried. Alex kept asking why they had to leave.


After Nick & Michelle left it began to rain. It doesn’t rain very often in Aspen. But we knew just what to do: we put on our yellow slickers and our boots (Bee Boots for Jeremy and Froggy Boots for Alex).       Even when it rains, we never stop exploring!




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