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Our very first Ski Movie!

October 30, 2005


Yesterday when we woke up from our nap Mummy & Daddy told us they had a surprise planned...

they had tickets for us to see our very first movie in a movie theater!


Not just any movie theater... the Wheeler Opera House!

Not just any movie... the annual Warren Miller ski film!

Every autumn for the past 56 years Warren Miller has made a new ski film. It is a sign that winter is on its way when the posters go up around town announcing that the new Warren Miller film is coming to town for the weekend.


When Daddy was a little boy he used to drag Nana along to see the new Warren Miller film every autumn. Back in those days Mr. Miller himself traveled with the film. He would sit on the stage and do the narration live. Now the films are very high tech and Mr. Miller no longer travels with the films -- but we did get to meet him two years ago when he was passing through town in the middle of winter...

He is a Very Nice man! We have some of his ski pictures from the 1940's in our playroom,

and one of his ski film posters from the 1970's in our bedroom!


When we got to the Wheeler Opera House we showed our tickets at the door...

and then we took the elevator up to the theater. That alone was worth the price of admission!

(There are lit-up stars on the ceiling of the Wheeler's elevator!)


Inside the big theater there was already a movie on the screen. But Daddy explained that it was

the pre-show and that when the lights went down the real movie would start. We found our seats

and got comfy. Then one of the stars of the movie came out to introduce the show. He explained

that part of the movie we were going to see was filmed in Aspen. Everyone in the packed theater

shouted and cheered! Then the lights went out and the movie started. We were SO excited. Alex

sat on Mummy's lap, mesmerized. Jeremy sat perched on the edge of his own seat, equally entranced.


The first segment of the film was about helicopter skiing in Alaska. Nobody told us there would be HELICOPTERS in the movie! Jeremy whispered to Daddy that one day he would like to fly in a helicopter.


The second segment took place in Aspen. When the Aspen gondola came on the screen Alex shouted

"Gondola, Gondola!" and Jeremy beamed with happiness! We know all about the gondola!


At intermission we even got our picture taken... so now we can tell people that we've been in a

Warren Miller ski film!

Lamb and Yankee Bear came with us to the movie. They enjoyed it too, but they think that

they may stay home this winter when we go skiing this winter, because their legs are Nearly

New. (Alex had his pacifier with him because just before nap time he had a BIG BOOM.

He fell in the front hall and hit his mouth on the step -- leading to a busted lip and a bloody

nose. But he was Very Brave (he told us so). Mummy and Daddy asked if he wanted to go to

the movie or stay home. He insisted on going to see the movie.)


Part of the movie had pounding rhythmic rap-song music. Jeremy loved it! He danced in his seat,

then got down to dance in the aisle. He liked the music all most as much as he liked the skiing and

the helicopters.


The next morning when we woke up it had snowed and the entire town was covered in a white blanket.

We made Giant Footprints in the snow!

Warren Miller followed by a blizzard... now we're REALLY ready for winter!



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