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August 2003

Plans for winter!


Alex & Jeremy love summertime because it means baseball and rodeo and after-dinner strolls. But we have been telling the boys about all of the fun things we will do together this winter.




Alex decided he wants to join the ski patrol>

Jeremy just wants to be a ski dude>


  Alex has decided that if Jeremy opts for a life of crime, his Mob nickname will be "Five-Bellies Martin">   Jeremy just smiled and asked for more milk.  

Ducky Derby in the Roaring Fork River

  The boys' wagered their entire allowance on ducks for Aspen's annual Ducky Derby race>


We cheered mightily for the boys' ducks, but not one of the laggards finished in the money>  


All the cheering left the boys totally exhausted>  
  In the evening after the race the boys still had enough energy to play with their Dad!  

Hot summer days

Things we do on particularly hot August days in Aspen>

We sit in the comfy chair and complain about the heat>

We chuck off all our clothes and play on the floor>

it's not a fig leaf, it's an Aspen leaf And we work on our Elvis impersonation> "Elvis has left the cradle!"

Granny & Grandpa Sand come to play!


Granny & Grandpa Sand came all the way from London to spend 12 days

playing with Alex & Jeremy. It was such great fun for all of us!

To see more of their visit, click on either photo


And then came Stella & Harriet!

Just when it seemed as though August could not be any more fun,

Stella & Harriet made the long trip from Hammersmith to be with us!

To see more of their visit, click on either photo

Scenes of August lounging


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