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May 12-23, 2003

Sometimes it's tough being a star...

with paparazzi trying to

capture your every move.

Summer is coming, which means lots of rides in the boys' convertible limo>

The New York Times is just too boring>

Just another exhausting day in the great big world.

It was a very exciting day when Alex & Jeremy received Patagonia booties in the mail from Todd.    Jeremy modeled them>

We snuck into the boys' room one day mid-afternoon and found them disco dancing>

"Who, me?

No way!

Disco sucks!"

Nana & Papa took the boys out for a ride>

Jeremy's first bath>

Jeremy enjoyed the bath, but was suspicious about what the next new experience might be...

Friday night

May 16


first bath>

On Sunday, May 19, Alex sunbathed>

Peggy, our lactation

guru, come by for

an afternoon visit>

And the boys went out for a ride into town in their stroller> 

Monday night means Monday night baseball. Jeremy cheered on Derek Jeter & the Yankees>

On Thursday, May 20, Gilbert came to visit from L.A. Jeremy wants him to move back to Aspen!

The guys are getting bigger every day>>> (three views of Alex)

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