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September 2003

 September is here and the Aspen trees are beginning to turn yellow up on the mountain.

But there is still much exploring to be done on the living room floor>

the boys' pal Zane came to play Zane liked the gym! "Yes? Can I help you with something?"

and great new heights to be scaled in the elevator chair>

and endless cuteness to be doled out>

Baseball roadtrip to Denver>

With summer coming to an end, we decided

to make a baseball roadtrip to see the Rockies play.

To be taken out to the ballpark, click on a photo

Winter already???

One morning in early September we awoke to a blizzard>

Scott was last seen heading for the basement to get his skis.

The boys missed the sunshine!

"Enough with the photos already! Forget the walk, let's go back inside!"

The town fountains play on, in denial of winter.

then the sun came out again>

but it was still chilly!

"What are waiting for, Big People? We can't walk up stairs yet, remember?"

Inside our little house it was warm. And there were puzzling scientific quandaries to be resolved>

September Hollywood roadtrip>

Alex and Jeremy got on their very first plane!

.And when they got off, they were in Hollywood!

To join them in Hollywood, click on a photo

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 updated 08/05/07