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May 2004 Adventures!

 We had all kinds of first-adventures during the month of May...

A tunnel appeared in the living room floor! >


We went for the first our first hike of the year, up to Hunter Creek valley for a picnic>

There was exploring to done on the front lawn, popsicles to be slurped...

...and an exciting first ride in the boys' new bike chariot!

May also means Dandelion Days in Carbondale>

But best of all, we went down to Denver to see the boys' Great-Great Uncle Joseph!

The boys had first met Joseph in November...

and were very happy to see him again at Peace Jam, were he was speaking>
The next morning we got to spend more special time with Uncle Joseph>

The swings & fountains of Corning>

Alex and Jeremy wanted to play with their Nana & Papa,

so we got on a plane and flew east to Corning.

To join them in Corning, click on a photo

Wedding Anniversary picnic>

Each year on our wedding anniversary we have

a picnic where we got married at Buttermilk.

To join the picnic, click on a photo

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