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Week #1 in the very busy lives of Alex & Jeremy

This is where they lived before they arrived at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital in Denver.

It was quite a shock to leave such a

comfy place and come out into the

bright lights of the real world.

Alex weighed in at 5 pounds 13.5 ounces;

Jeremy weighed in at 5 pounds 11 ounces.

Scenes from Day 2

in the boys' lives:

 (Tuesday, April 29th)

Mom and the boys! Alexander Jeremy Katherine & Alex Jeremy

      Jeremy shows off his beautiful hair the boys say goodnight!

Wednesday was gray and overcast in Denver...

so Jeremy slept late...

and spent the day hitting

the bottle.

Alex was a bit confused by the shrubbery which appeared in his room:

but everyone enjoyed watching the Yankees beat the Mariners:

Thursday, May 1st:

high-fives from Alex for the news that everyone gets to go home tomorrow morning!

Jeremy is sad about leaving his new friends on

on the 11th floor, including Liz, Heather, Dee,

& Ingrid -- and of course Anne & Kathy.

Their friend Meher came by to visit:

The boys ate and napped: Alex Jeremy But even after a long and busy day Alex is never too tired to celebrate another Yankee win:

  Friday, May 2:

Today was get-away day! Jeremy was particularly sad to say bye to Liz.

The boys climbed into their comfy new car seats...

and we headed off over Loveland Pass and Vail

Pass towards home.

The boys were fast asleep when we pulled up to our little house.

They felt like champs for having made the long drive...

They had some cuddles with Mum on the couch in their room...

and then they decided to... sleep.

Saturday, May 3:

Jeremy Alex Alex Alex

Jeremy & Alexander

A very, very special day!

Alex & Jeremy's Nana & Papa (previously known as Phyl &

Jack) came all the way from Corning, NY to meet the boys!

Sunday, May 4:

Yesterday was tee shirt weather, last night it  snowed 8" ...

so the boys put on their snow suits & ski caps, and then fell asleep...

Outside it may have changed from summer back to winter, but inside there were plenty of cuddles.

not to mention a very large yellow lion balloon watching over everyone.

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 updated 08/05/07