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July 2003

July in Aspen means a grand parade!

Alex and Jeremy

celebrated their first 4th of July by taking us to Aspen's most excellent parade>


After the parade we ran into Jo and Kara>




After the parade ended, we climbed into our new minivan and headed off west on

a roadtrip to Grand Junction, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, and Hollywood!

 To see the webpage of our

 roadtrip across the west,

 click here or on the picture>

 To see the webpage of our

 days & nights in Hollywood,

 click here or on the picture>

Back home again in Aspen>

It was the boy's

3-month birthday!

They again posed

with Zippy & Susan>

age 2 weeks

age 3 months




Scott's birthday>

When Scott come downstairs on his birthday, Alex & Jeremy were waiting wearing Hawaiian leis!


a book about baseball to read to the boys, complete with baseball!


Jeremy was rather skeptical about some of the decorations>


Jeremy was rather skeptical about some of the decorations

And Alex found the excitement totally exhausting>


click here to see a film of the

boys singing "Happy Birthday!"


When the boys aren't practicing to be male models, they like to play with their hanging toys>

Wendy, Ste & Oliver come to play!

  For a blissful week in July Wendy, Ste, & Oliver came all the way from London to meet Alex & Jeremy and enjoy summer fun in the Colorado mountains.   To see more of their visit, click on either photo  

The boys' first rodeo!

more rodeo pictures can be found on the Wendy/Ste/Oliver page above

In late July Alex & Jeremy went to their first rodeo!

Alex tried on cowboy hats there hot dogs and hamburgers for the big people, and milk for the cowbabies Jeremy was confused: cows everywhere, but no milk!


Wendy & Jeremy Jeremy & Ryan

Jeremy wanted to ride a bull, but Scott said: "Maybe after your nap."

Scott & Jeremy; Katherine & Floppy Alex Scott & Alex Katherine & Jeremy


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