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Memorial Day Weekend 2004

Memorial Day weekend marks all sorts of rituals in Aspen.

The opening of the roads to the Bells and the Pass, the high school's graduation, the first gondola ride of the summer...

The county plowed the road to the Maroon Bells, and so we made our first visit of the year to the Bells>


Devin graduated from the high school, and Jeremy's Godfather Justin came out for the festivities>

Alex & JB Alex & JB

Alex & Jeremy dressed

up for the big event>

Justin & Katherine comment on one of the speeches

Graduation takes place

down at the Music Tent

Devin receiving his diploma Devin shaking hands with the President of the Board of Education Devin standing with his brother Xavier
After the ceremony there was a party for Devin>

Devin & his sister Jasmine JB & his godson JT Joey, JB, & Alex Joey & Alex

What is with the snow???

We thought Memorial Day weekend was the start of the summer season. But when we woke up this morning, it was snowing in town and the mountain was covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

We took the Gondola up to the Sundeck for lunch, where winter was still in business>

Springtime in the Rocky Mountains means that no weather pattern lasts very long; on Monday summer returned!

We drove down valley to Glenwood for lunch at Canyon Brewpub>

Across the street from the Brewpub the Colorado River emerges from the narrows of Glenwood Canyon. Now that winter is over, the river is busy with rafters.


The San Francisco-bound train slid into Glenwood station.

We strolled across the pedestrian bridge which spans the busy railroad line and the fast-flowing Colorado River to watch the swimmers and sunbathers at the Hot Springs pool>

Back at home, Alex decided to climb the fire escape on the big house (bad idea!), while Jeremy worked on his Marlon Brando interpretation.

And then it was time for baths!

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