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˛ June 1-15, 2003 ˛

June promises to be a very special month for the little boys...

Their arrival is already big news in Hollywood>

Alex & Jeremy were so excited by their fame

they had to take a nap>

We got a sun cabaņa to shade the boys on sunny summer days on our lawn. Jeremy wanted to try it out in the living room> Scott wanted to try it too!

The boys got a CD of Brazilian music from Uncle Todd. They love dancing to it!

Click here to see the film>

Riding the new Glenwood aerial tram:

It was time for another adventure! So we all piled into the Jeep and drove to Glenwood Springs to ride their brand new aerial tramway!

This picture was taken by a married couple who shared they cabin with us...they told us that they are both twins! The views were amazing on the ride up. We had a nice lunch at the top, and admired the Grand Valley.

On the ride back down we passed a cabin headed up full of Tibetan monks, who excitedly

took pictures of Alex & Jeremy!  And then we got stuck...for over twenty minutes.  An

electrical storm blew into the valley, and they had to shut down the tramway. We rocked

and swayed in the gusty winds, which made the boys very sleepy & contented. No so for us!

Friends often stop by to visit:




and Jamie,

all the way from Saratoga Springs!

Scott's return from Hollywood:

When Scott flew back from a business trip to Hollywood, the boys insisted on coming out to Sardy Field to meet him!

They were very excited about their first trip to the airport>

Alex, Scott, & Jeremy

And life went on as usual in Aspen:

Alex enjoyed a recent vintage pacifier>

a Chateaux Neuf d'Aspen, vintage 2003

and dressed for dinner>

"Table for two, please!"

The boys went for their nightly after-dinner stroll>

Alex likes to travel incognito, while Jeremy greets his public.

gangsta Alex, from the 'hood.

Aspen boys like to party!

The boys like to party downtown with their little friends>

Saturday night they hung out at a party with Aspen's Mayor>

Mayor Helen Klanderud, at her re-election/birthday party at Jack's apartment in the Mine Dumps

Derek and the SandMartins

with Jo and Rally

Alex & Jeremy are not the only twins in Aspen:

A mother bear has been hanging out in town with

her two little cubs. Katherine is planning to invite

them around soon for a play-date with the boys>

Of course it is not all play and no work for the boys of Aspen:

Scott teaches Jeremy how

to multi-task>

and Alex to eat grown-ups' food>

while Katherine teaches them to be male models>

Jeremy was startled by a large snake>

But a big brown puppy arrived

to reassure him all is fine>

Jeremy giggling in his Boopy pillow

Even working on your smile can be exhausting, so after a long day of hard work it is especially nice to cuddle with your Mum>

Alex relaxes after a hard day's work

Jeremy joins the French Foreign Legion???

Our friend, Susan Brady, was shocked to hear that Jeremy had decided to join the French Foreign Legion>

Alex was equally surprised by Jeremy's big news>

Alex did, however, approve of the hat!

But his mum soon convinced him that a hike up Hunter Creek would be just as exciting, and less of a commitment.

Alex and Scott at the Hunter Creek trailhead.

It was a perfect evening

for a hike with two boys.

Katherine & Jeremy at the Benedict Bridge over Hunter Creek.

Katherine & Jeremy on the Benedict Bridge over roaring Hunter Creek.

Alex & Scott at the Benedict Bridge over roaring Hunter Creek.

pan across with your ->arrow buttons<- to view town, Ajax Mountain, Shadow Mountain, and off toward the Maroon Bells.

And then when we got back home

from our hike, Scott read a special bedtime story to Jeremy>

You can't get that in the French Foreign Legion!     (Jeremy agrees.)

Scott's first Father's Day!

For Scott's first Father's Day, Jeremy & Alex put on very special outfits>

Sunday, June 15th

We spent part of the day hanging out with our buddy Kai, and his mom and dad Lynn & Dave, in Glenwood Springs...

and we visited with Ethan & Christopher>

and their mom and dad Denise & Tom in Blue Lake.

It was like seeing double!

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