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May 5-11, 2003

Monday, May 5th was the boys' one-week birthday.

And Granny (formerly known as Halina) flew all the way from London to celebrate with Alex & Jeremy!

Jeremy was not too sure about sitting in his new chair...

Tuesday was election day in Aspen; Alex voted!

We hire only highly qualified  babysitters for the boys! 

Zippy (Scott's childhood pal), Jeremy, Susan (Katherine's childhood pal), & Alex

Halina hung out with

the boys...

Halina & Jeremy

And we went out

for a drive.


Suddenly it's Saturday (May 10)...

where did the week go???

Jeremy & Alex played with their grandparents>

and slept,

and ate,

and played>

And so did we.

(Well, except

the sleep part.)

It snow again (and again), so the boys caught up on their sleep>

and posed

for photos>

Saturday (May 10) was a very special day: Uncle Todd came to visit!

little Jeremy Todd was particularly excited to meet him!

We celebrated with a sushi dinner (first time in nine months for Katherine!)>

There were more pictures>

and then everyone went to bed.

(note that we say "to bed",

not "to sleep")

Mother's Day!   Sunday, May 11th

Sunday was Mother's Day, Katherine's first!   Gilbert sent beautiful irises>

There was breakfast in bed (for the boys that is -- Katherine was both the breakfast and the bed).

a special card, made by Todd

We celebrated by taking Alex & Jeremy for their first ride in their stroller>

Nana Phyl & Papa Jack with the boys on Hopkins Street Todd documenting the action at the base of Shadow Mountain

And we hung out,

and Jeremy worried about Great Things>  

Todd played with his little buddies (when he wasn't napping)>

Big Todd Martin and little Jeremy Todd Martin

no, we don't burp him

Just about a perfect first Mother's Day!

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 updated 08/05/07