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July Fourth Weekend

Katherine's window boxes are in full bloom!

The Fourth of July is one of our favorite weekends of the year in Aspen. 

This year Phyl & Jack came out to join us for all of the excitement!

Jack with his two greatest admirers Jack & Jeremy at play

One evening we went out to the base of Aspen Highlands ski area just before dinner, where Alex & Jeremy played their first game of golf.

Watch out, Tiger Woods!

It wouldn't be the Fourth of July weekend without a pancake breakfast!

We had a picnic lunch at the Maroon Bells.

We've visited the Bells regularly since the boys were very tiny

But this was the first time they were old enough to enjoy a picnic!

On Saturday afternoon, a new swimming pool appeared in the front lawn!

When Alex woke up on the Fourth, he was VERY excited.

He had heard there was going to be a parade!






(if you would like to hear the Miners' classic steam calliope, click here)

After the parade was over (and the boys had a quick nap), we went to a concert at the Music Tent...

Jeremy still can't believe that other people know about music! Alex worked on his crawling... ...while Jeremy worked on his bouldering. Jeremy also did some maintenance work on the stroller. Jeremy perfected his walking.         in the evening, we watched the town fireworks from our house

On Monday we went to the Pine Creek Cookhouse for lunch, out in the backcountry beyond Ashcroft

Back at home, Jeremy decided that he, not John Travolta, but Jeremy Todd Martin, is the ultimate greaser

Move over John Travolta, you're not the only way-cool greaser in town! I put on my retro shades (which use to belong to Dada until this afternoon), souped up my Camero, and cruised the Strip... The cops tried to catch me, but I was too fast! I burned rubber in the corners, and kept on going... Okay, now it is your turn!



 updated 08/05/07