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Our Very First Movie (are you curious?)

February 10, 2006

On Friday afternoon Daddy came home from work early so that he and Mummy could take us to see a movie at The Grove movie theater.

We were VERY excited. A few months ago we went to see a Warren Miller ski film at the Opera House in Aspen, but that wasn't a real film.


As we've been driving around Los Angeles we have seen posters everywhere for the new CURIOUS GEORGE movie which opened on Friday. We shout out every time we see George.

When Mummy asked if we might want to see the move, we said "Yes please!!!".


When we got to the theater we each got our own bag of popcorn.

As we walked in the big theater the pre-show was just starting.

Alex and Jeremy sat through the pre-show, and then the entire film without squirming or

moving. Jeremy sat next to Mummy holding her hand, wolfing down popcorn, and occasionally

asking quiet little questions ("Is George okay?", "Where is George going, will he be back?").

Alex sat perched on the end of his seat for two hours, clutching the soft pretzel

he came in with, never once taking his eyes off the screen for even a second.  He

wouldn't even take his eyes off the screen long enough to eat his popcorn.

But that's okay, Jeremy ate both bags of popcorn.

After the movie ended, we all applauded wildly. What a great movie! Alex & Jeremy

said they would like to see lots more movies. Alex got up to investigate the tiny lights

on the edge of the steps leading down from our seats. Jeremy insisted on staying in his

seat until the very last credit had scrolled off the screen and the house lights had come up.

Outside in the Grove it was already dark. The evening is warm and the lights are on in the

dancing waters fountain. There are happy people in the sidewalk cafes having drinks and

eating dinner with friends. A nearly-full moon is lighting the February sky. It's time for

us to head home, to climb into our little beds, to dream dreams about Curious George and

his wild adventures.

Editor's note:

The next morning, as we were driving out to Griffith Park to ride the train,

Jeremy announced from the back seat that he is making a movie about Curious George.

He explained that the plot of the film features George going to the 99 Cents Store,

and Alex and Jeremy cry at one point in the story. (Mummy and Daddy make brief

cameo appearances). He told us the entire story, then proudly announced "The End!".

And we applauded wildly.

One week in L.A. and already he has a screenplay. Maybe it's time to go home.

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