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Winter 2005/6


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Biggest Snow Ever
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January Fun


The January snows are piling up. We've had one big blizzard after another this year.

The picnic table in our backyard has completely disappeared.

The snow on top of the picnic table was even deeper until a big bear climbed up on it last week.

The snow is almost six feet deep along the fence in the alley, so Mr. Bear was able to walk

right up over the fence.

While the snow is piling up outside and Mr. Bear is looking for a mid-winter snack,

we are hard at work in our basement atelier...

We got new haircuts! (No, we didn't have to cut our hair off to get the paint out.)

                                                                  (beware of Jeremy's Scary Face!)

Our pal Barry came over to teach us to juggle...

We like that!

Things Alex likes doing on winter days:

(1) Playing with the little garage which Nana & Papa got us...

(2) Jumping off the couch while, for reasons known only to him, shouting "LUNA BAR"...

                                 (3) Building complicated castles with the wooden blocks...

(4) reading books with his best pal after nap time...




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