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Fat Tuesday

February 28, 2006

When Mummy told us that it was Fat Tuesday, we were VERY excited.

We thought that meant two breakfasts and two lunches.

We were wrong. It turns out that Fat Tuesday means that we got haircuts...

Fat Tuesday means that, after our haircuts, we get to take a bus ride out to Snowmass...

(we love riding the bus!)

Fat Tuesday means a big Mardi Gras parade in Snowmass,

with Pirates (arrrgggg!) and a marching band...

Fat Tuesday means getting to meet a giant blue moose, and having a cookie in each hand...

Fat Tuesday means that people in the parade throw beads to spectators...

(and Fat Tuesday means more cookies for little boys!)

Fat Tuesday means a comfy ride with Georgia for a tired boy back to the bus...

and finally Fat Tuesday means a bus ride home with our balloons and our cookie faces.

Even though he was Very Tired, on the bus ride home Alex counted all of the buses we

passed as they headed out of town for evening trips down valley...

That's what Fat Tuesday means. HOORAY FOR FAT TUESDAY!




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