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Mountain Goats of Aspen

March 21, 2006

After a busy morning of high-tech computer work...

...we need a Big Lunch. So we headed off to McDonald's with Nick & Michelle!

Fully fortified, we set off to scale a 14,000 foot peak in Wagner Park...

Daddy says we are Very Brave! (Yankee Bear is a bit afraid of heights, so he

snuggled down even more deeply than usual in Jeremy's jacket.)

On the way home we stopped by the Ice Garden to visit the Zamboni (the big machine

which resurfaces the ice). Jeremy spelled out the letters on the front of the machine

and realized that it said "ZAM-BON-I". He was so excited at figuring out what the letters

meant that we had to circle around the machine many times so he could re-read it.

Daddy thinks Jeremy must be a real Aspen Boy, since the first word he read on his own

was "Zamboni".

After dinner Daddy & Alex looked at photos of the day's adventures.



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