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St. Patrick's Day dinner at the Sundeck

March 17, 2006

On St. Patrick's Day the SandMartin bear family emerges from its winter hibernation...

Our pals Nick & Michelle have come all the way from Atlanta to play with us!

On Friday night we all rode up the Gondola to have dinner at the Sundeck Restaurant

on the roof of the world with our pals Nick & Michelle, who came all the long way from

Atlanta to play with us.  Since it was St. Patrick's day, we wore GREEN!

We had our favorite Sundeck dinner: Fries & Nuggets!

(and, of course, Apple Juice!)

After we finished eating we asked Daddy if he would dance with us to the live band.

We did much dancing!

Finally it was time to head down the mountain. We followed the lights across the

snow, back to the Gondola station.

We know that spring is coming, because even this late it is still

not completely dark out.

(our really cool Irish green shirts were a gift from our pals the Burkes!)



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