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Bryce's Birthday

March 29, 2006

Last Sunday we took Nick & Michelle with us to our pal Bryce's third birthday party.

When we arrived, we each got to make a special bag for collecting treats from the pinata...

Mummy, Nick, and Alex checked out the giant fish pinata (Alex was looking for

weak spots, so he would be ready when the time came to whack it)...

But first Cowboy Jeremy and Cowboy Alex took Bryce's horse for a ride across the range...

We also took his super cool car for spin...

And, to sate our Growing Boy Hunger while waiting for the pinata, we had PIZZA!


Then it was time!

We sat down with Mummy to watch Bryce take a whack at the pinata...

                                                              Jeremy took a turn too!   WHACK!

When the pinata broke it snowed candy. We like that kind of snow storm!!

Alex took his bounty back to his car. It is important to have snacks while driving...

Hooray for birthday parties! (hooray for Mummy!)

beep beep!



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