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Stella Comes to Play

December 10-19, 2005

Last Saturday we climbed into our car and drove down to Denver.

Jeremy was ready for the drive with his Ski Goggles and his special Scary Face...

When we got to Denver Stella's flight was running late, so we stopped at the hotel

where Mummy read us stories on the couch...

We love reading with our Mummy!

Then we went out to the airport. We got to stay up later than we ever had!

Finally Stella & Auntie Harriet arrived!!!

Even though we had been up Very Late, the next morning we couldn't wait to get up

to play with our Stella. Mummy & Auntie Harriet made us a big breakfast in the hotel.

and Auntie Harriet read us stories before leaving for the drive home...

When we got home to Aspen we had tea parties...

and we baked cookies...

Some people think that Aspen lost its train service years ago.

Those people haven't been to our basement!

Jeremy cried out: "All aboard, Auntie Harriet!"

Auntie Harriet was surprised, but quickly agreed to drive the train...

Chug a chug a choo!

We LOVE playing trains in the basement!




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