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 We also spend part of our time in Los Angeles. These are some photos from those days.

 Our house:

Our tumble-down house in the Hollywood Hills.

(with Katherine's boxes from London)

The living room.

December 2001

The kitchen.

(with Karen)

Pool Shark Katherine at work.

The patio off the living room.

Sunset over the Pacific, from the kitchen.

 Our neighborhood:

The view from Scott's office at Paramount.

December 2001

In the Hollywood Hills above our house.

December 2001

Griffith Observatory (on the Nighthawk motorcycle).

December 2001

Our ST-1100 motorcycle.

at the Cinerama Dome

Farmers' Market in Hollywood

Site of the first film ever made in Hollywood.

(a Paramount film!)

 Elsewhere in L.A.:

The Dodgers play not far away.

At the Getty Museum in west L.A.

December 2001

The Hollywood Bowl is in the next canyon.

The pier at Manhattan Beach.

Our favorite Sunday morning destination

Springtime in Hollywood.

(where anti-aging is always in bloom)

Sunset over the Santa Monica mountains.

from the Santa Monica pier

 Other scenes from our lives in Hollywood

  Mid-Winter fun in Hollywood

         (February  2005)

  June beach boys

         (June 2004)


  Hollywood with Uncle Todd

         (April 2004)

  March sunshine

         (March 2004)


  February adventures in L.A.

         (February 2004)

  Mid-winter break in L.A.

         (January 2004)


  Boys' first plane trip

         (September 12-28, 2003)

  Is Hollywood ready

       for Alex & Jeremy?

         (July 7-18, 2003)


  Spiderman weekend

         (May 4-5, 2002)

  Sojourn in Hollywood

         (March 2002)


  Hollywood in January

         (January 2002)

  The Venice Boat Parade

         (December 2001)


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