life & times in Aspen

Winter 2001-2002



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Winter 2001/2002

 January/February 2002

With Aspen pals at the Winterskol Parade.

January 26, 2002

Pad Thai dinner with Aspen pals.

January 2002

Posing with the Bells at Highlands

February 2002

Celebrating Gilbert's birthday.

(don't ask about Katherine's apparel)

Gilbert is 1 year old!

(wishing for another powder day)

Katherine & Stuart at the top of their first 'Expert' run.

Snowmass, Feb. 3

Midway down, and not dead yet!

YES! "The Edge" has been tamed!

On top of the Big Burn at Snowmass.

February 3, 2002

Katherine floating over the untracked cordurory.

February 2, 2002

Posing with the Maroon Bells on top of Elk Camp at Snowmass.

February 3, 2002

Asian dinner at Kara's house.

February 2002

Charlie, Scott, & Jack.


The Head Chef unveils.

The spread!

Georgia, Natasha, Katherine.

Gilbert and Rally.

Georgia, Derek, and Scott.

don't ask. . .

Special pie!

Februrary 24, 2002


Februrary 24, 2002

  March 2002

NASTAR ski racers.

Snowmass, March 16

pictures can't accurately capture the speeed!

Stuart relaxing at mid-mountain.

BLAM! Stuart crash lands on the big jump.

Snowmass, March 16

still cartwheeling. . .

but he survives to jump again!

Kara's ski-in keg party.

mid-mountain on Ajax, March 23

Prema & Josh at the party.

Pizza and a beer.


Stuart, Kara, Gilbert.

and beer

Is that a sausage or. . .

Jack and friends.

Jack boarding down from the party.

apparently the beer has not kicked in yet

Stuart, Josh, Prema, Gilbert, Katherine

mid-run on Ajax

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