Closing time for Winter

April 2002


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Closing time for Winter
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 Summer came early to the valley this year. We've already been biking in shorts & tee shirts and

 basking in the hot sun.  But up on the mountains the skiing continued.  Until closing time. . .

 Closing day on Aspen Mountain:                                     Sunday, April 14, 2002

Closing morning at the Little Nell.

Skier Katherine!

Boarding the Bucket.

Skier/Philosopher Gilbert.

Skier/Beauty Katherine.

So long to summer.

London calling.

the bumps of Bell Mountain.

On top of the world.


"Peace", dude.

in Copper Canyon.

riding up the Couch.

Basking in the sun on the Couch.

Gilbert skiing the bumps on Pump House.

Gilber & Katherine on the saddle.

Elvis wouldn't miss Closing Day!

lunch on the Sundeck.

Buuddies on the Sundeck. (how long 'till opening day?)


 Closing time at Snowmass:                                             Saturday, April 13, 2002

The snow is thinning fast on Fanny Hill.

Gilbert tries to pound his edges back in line one last time.

boarding the Fanny Hill lift

Gilbert on top of the Big Burn.

Summer in the valley, winter up top.

the bowl is just waiting to avalanche.

Happy skier on Sneaky's.

Sneaky skier on Sneaky's.

even the ski patrollers wear fur in Aspen (avalanche pup gets a ride)

above treeline on the roof of the world.

The John Denver memorial, on top of the Cirque.

Gilbert surveys his domain (and wonders how we'll get down).

Headed through the gate onto the Headwall of the Cirque.

It's all downhill from here.

so far so good. . .

9-day old little Annie, who lives at the Sam's Knob hut.

her brother, Philip.

the newest sport in Aspen: Extreme eating.

Heath food lunch.

Waiting for a handout. . .

Gilbert is being watched.

Not much snow at the Knob. . .

But the Burn is still fun.

At the bottom of the mountain we skied until there was no more snow to ski. . .

 Closing time at the Highlands:                                       Sunday, April 7, 2002

Closing day of the season at Highlands.

Gilbert, headed for lunch at mid-mountain.

How long until opening day???

  What's that you say? You would like to see see Gilbert ski the bumps?

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