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 There really is no place like Aspen.  Here is what we've been up to...


our little house on west Third Street

 Scenes from around town 

 Closing day for the ski season

 April 11, 2004


 Peter & Halina came to play

 April 2004

 Suke, Peter & Noah came from Oxford

 April 2004

 Bruce & Annie came to ski

 March 2004

 Winterskl with Todd

 January 2004

 The Martins join us for Labor Day

 Labor Day weekend 2003

 Cousin Stella teaches the boys

 a thing or two

 August 14-26, 2003

 Granny & Grandpa Sand in Aspen

 August 6-17, 2003

 Wendy, Ste & Oliver come to play

 July 26-31, 2003

 Jack & Phyl's 50th anniversary

 June 27, 2003

 The Burkes come out to romp

 June 21-27, 2003

 Closing day for the ski season

 April 20, 2003

 Peter comes to paint

 April 2003

 Spring skiing with Todd

 March 2003

 Just like the old days with Gilbert

 March 2003

 Comedy Fest weekend with Matthew

 February 2003

 Peter & Sue's winter weekend

 February 2003

 Ski bums Michael & Tony in Aspen

 January 2-9, 2003

 Oliver Sand comes to Aspen!

 December30, 2002-Janury 1, 2003

 December 2002 in Aspen

 Autumn 2002 in Aspen

 Summer 2002 in Aspen

 Celebrating Todd's birthday

 August 2-6, 2002

 Peter & Sue come to play

 July 3-7, 2002

 Nick & Michelle head west!

 June 27-July 1, 2002

 Peter & Halina cross the Pond

 May 24-June3, 2002

 Meet Chippy!

 June 2002

 Spring 2002 in Aspen

 Winter 2001/2002 in Aspen

 Closing time for Winter

  April 2002

 Gilbert skis the bumps

 April 14, 2002        a ski film

 Easter Sunday on Snowmass

  March 31, 2002

 Moonlit ski down Snowmass

 March 28, 2002

 Downhill racer Katherine Sand

 February 2002                        a ski film

 The Olympic Torch in Aspen

  February 2002

 Aspen's Winterskl Weekend

 January 2002

 Christmas & New Year's in Aspen

  December/January 2001/2002

 Visit from Peter & Sue

  November 2001

 Summer/Autumn 2001 in Aspen

 The Deadly Bells

 The back-country of Aspen


 Katherine makes news



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