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Autumn 2002



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 Autumn 2002

  September 2002

On a perfect autumn Saturday...

September 20, 2002

Scott hiked up Aspen Mountain...

via the Ute Trail.

It was a warm day...

but Sopris is blanketed with fresh snow.

The SkiCo is waiting for the season to start.

The snow level is down to 10,000 feet...

and soon we will be skiing!

The view from the Sundeck.

The Hiker.

The Gondola Rider.

View of Mount Hayden.

  October 2002

 With Halloween fast approaching, we carved pumpkins:


 And then on Halloween a bear showed up in our house (it was a very dapper Aspen bear)...

 "Greetings! I just flew back from München!" "Shall we discuss real estate prices?" The Bear is not impressed with Romeo Beckham. Katherine's meatballs, yum! Bears like meatballs! Herring in wine sauce, yes?  Not bad! But nothing beats Nutella. Bears love Nutella!

 Small town autumn rodeo in Carbondale (October 6th):

  November 9, 2002

 One autumn storm after another dropped several feet of early season snow on town. It seems as

 though we went from autumn straight into mid-winter over night. The snow is so deep up on the

 mountains around town that the SkiCo decided to start the ski season a full three weeks early:

 Fresh powder in the Powerline trees up on the Big Burn at Snowmass. mid-March conditions the first week in November! The snow keeps coming!  Digging out the car in the parking lot at Snowmass at the end of the ski day.

After a hard-pounding first day back out on the slopes, there is nothing better than Katherine's homemade onion soup for dinner!


The perfect apres-ski dinner, caught on film.  

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