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Ultrasound images at 35 weeks

This afternoon Myra, the ultrasound technician, demonstrated the 4-D capability of her high-tech machine. The babies are too big now to be viewed in 4-D, but she did get a nice shot of Baby A's foot

  April  21, 2003

Ultrasound images at 27 weeks

 In just a few more days the little boys will have their 7 month anniversary.

This morning they posed for another set of photos.  

Here is Baby A (also known as Pancho) lying on his back smiling up at us:

Not to be outdone, his brother (Lefty)  waived hello:  


After posing and waiving and showing off, the boys let  the doctor measure their excellent heartbeats:


Then they got back to the business

of growing bigger & stronger.

February 25, 2003



Ultrasound images at 23 weeks

We got to see more pictures of our two little boys this afternoon! Pancho has flipped around, so that he and Lefty are now playing side by side. It's a bit challenging to make out the boys in still images,

but we'll do our best to explain:                                                                                                                                     January 28, 2003

This picture shows the two boys' heads; they are now snuggled side by side.

(You may have to take our word for this.)

Baby 'B' was lounging on his side (his head is at the left of the photo).


The boys were proud to show off their perfect little heartbeats:

The boys measure exactly the same (very good news for twins)! 


Each boy now weighs about a pound and half. They are a full week ahead

of schedule with their growth, which

makes us very, very happy.


Ultrasound images at 12 weeks

We got to take another peek today at little Pancho & Lefty, who were lounging around in their

comfy sleeping bags.  We could see their little arms and legs, and count their fingers. They are

growing quickly, and are the same weight and size.  (They are probably not identical twins.)

The twins in

their duplex: 

Baby "A" was lounging

on its back waving its

little hands and feet:

Baby "A" is looking

suspiciously like a

naked little boy...

? marks the willie...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        November 11, 2002

Ultrasound images at 9 weeks

This afternoon we got to see the little ones and hear their heart beats as they moved around and waved at us (at least that's what we think they were doing).

Baby "A" 

Baby "A" -- lounging on its back Baby "A" -- the teddy bear picture Baby "B" Baby "B" -- resting on its side Baby "B" -- between waves October 22, 2002

The doctor referred to the second image of Baby "A" as the teddy bear picture, because the baby is stretched out on its back and you can see the arms and legs.  Baby "B" was reclining on its side, which provided a nice photo of its spine (you can see it rather clearly at the left side of the first photo).  Both little ones are the same size, and are slightly ahead of schedule in their growth (they are already too big to fit in a single ultrasound picture).

Ultrasound images at 6 weeks

October 1, 2002

 (most of the shadow is the sack, the babies are very tiny at this stage;

 the heartbeat, which is very clear on the moving ultrascan image, does

 not show up on these still images.)

                                                               (click on an image to see larger view)


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