Spring Skiing with Todd

March 29-April 1, 2003


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Spring skiing w/ Todd
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As March turns into April and the ski season begins to turn into the mountain

biking season, Todd came out to Aspen to ski a few final runs with us.


We skied the High Alpine, and had lunch at Sam's Knob overlooking the Big Burn.


The views from the top of the Cirque, up on the roof of the Rockies, are truly amazing.



The views out over the Maroon Bells from the top of Elk Camp weren't bad either...


Before we knew it, the shadows were stretching across the slopes, the lifts were shutting down, and it was time to ski back down to the valley to get in the Jeep and head for home.


All too soon is was time for us to say goodbye to Todd at the airport. We were sad, but he'll be back soon when the little boys arrive.




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