Colorado State Fair, in Pueblo

August 24, 2002


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One of the highlights of the summer of 2002 was the day we spent at the Colorado State Fair,

down in the dusty town of Pueblo on the southern plains of Colorado.

Waiting on line to buy tickets for the rodeo we met Ida and Tony Garcia, from Pueblo, who were anxiously looking forward to the evening's rodeo. (I think Tony wanted to leave Ida and run off with Katherine...)


There were all kinds of exciting things

to see and do at the fair...

You could check up  on your chances of getting into heaven..


or browse for that  perfect rabbit...

You could admire the livestock...


or milk a very patient, long suffering, cow named Bessie...

There was  an entire building filled with award-winning cakes.


We visited an enormous pig named Harley


and a Giant Horse working under the name 'Hercules'

plus a guy named Bush...

Katherine had her personality analyzed (we know that it was scientifically accurate because they used a Televack 62000 computer)...


And then it was time for food!

We feasted on dripping barbecue pork and devoured an entire

fried funnel cake...


As the sun set over Pueblo, the rodeo got under way at the fair grounds. We found seats in the

stands next to the bucking chutes--with the stock contractors, the cowboys, and their girlfriends.

After the rodeo ended, there was a country music concert in the

fair grounds by Mark Chestnutt and the Rockin' Roadhouse Tour.

then it was time to say goodbye to the fair and drive back to Denver.

The next day we drove up to the Colorado mountain casino towns of Central City and Blackhawk.

We found happiness in a casino in Blackhawk which was featuring Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a Neil Diamond tribute show!

And then we got back to Denver just in time for a tornado to blow through the part of town where we were staying...


That's what we call

an exciting weekend!

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