Spiderman Weekend in L.A.

May 4-5, 2002


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Spiderman Weekend
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It was a Spiderman sort of a weekend in Los Angeles. Unlike Spiderman, Spiderman, we didn't do whatever a spider can. We didn't climb walls or spin webs or wear skintight red costumes. But Gilbert, who we like to think of as the Spider Sabitch* of architects, did fly down from Aspen to L.A. with Katherine to join us for a weekend under the L.A. sun.


Saturday morning Scott flew in from (yet another) visit to Skidmore College. Katherine and Gilbert picked him up at LAX, and the weekend began with breakfast at the nearby classic Pann's diner in Inglewood.


Then with the top down on the car we headed along the coast to Manhattan Beach for a stroll out on the Pier...

In evening, we went to the newly renovated Cinerama Dome at Sunset & Vine in Hollywood to see Spiderman on the big screen. (If you haven't seen the film yet: he does whatever a spider can.)


Sunday morning we invited a bunch of our L.A. pals over to the house for a brunch -- featuring Katherine's amazing homemade muffins (with strawberries and blueberries from the farmers' market in Hollywood).



Scott and Dean.


Steve and Katherine.



There were babies crawling

    everywhere you looked...

Later that day we paid an architectural visit to the Gamble House in Pasadena...

...and a culinary visit to Farmers' Market at Television City.

In the evening we drove down to Santa Monica to watch the sun sink down behind the Malibu hills across the South Bay...

...and to say goodnight to Spiderman,

who was hard at work in the midway

on the pier.



*Spider Sabitch was a successful Aspen-based ski racer in the 1970's.

  He is now best remembered for having been shot

  by singer Claudine Longet (no analogy to Gilbert there).




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