Peter comes to paint...

April 4-6, 2003


Aspen Scenes
Closing Day 2004
Stella comes to town
Grannny & Grandpa Sand
Burkes come to play
Last day of the season
Peter comes to paint
Spring skiing w/ Todd
The Return of Gilbert
Matthew & Comedy Fest
Peter, Sue, & snow
Ski bums Tony & Michael
Oliver Sand in Aspen
Peter, Sue, & the Bull
Nick+Michelle head west
P&H cross the Pond
Closing time for Winter
Gilbert skis the bumps
Easter skiing
Moonlit Skiing
Olympic Torch Weekend
Katherine's Ski Film
Christmas in Aspen
Visit from Peter & Sue
The Deadly Bells
Katherine makes news
News in Aspen


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  With two little boys coming to live in our house, we decided that their room needed

  a fresh coat of paint and a new color scheme.


The boys will be here soon, so the first weekend in April master-painter (and master-lawyer & master-friend) Peter flew out from New York to help us get the babies' room ready...

  Every union crew needs a supervisor.

After two days of hard work (and good times) the room was finished and ready. 

We think the little boys will like their new room.



The results are




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