Christmas Holiday Travels 2002

December 2002


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Christmas Travels 2002
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In late December we headed off to the east coast for the Christmas holidays. Our first stop in NYC was

Sue's "Hable Construc- tion" shop, where our  pal Chippy now works.


"Push me Katherine, push me!" "Push me too Katherine!"  

Saturday morning we caught an early train from Grand Central up to Darien to visit Oliver Burke and his family...

  Max don't need no stinkin' hard hat! JB, aka best mang, aka "The Thinker"  

Then we all piled in the car and drove over to Greenwich for haircuts, shopping, and lunch!

     Oliver and Max at Best & Co. "$350 for a baby basket???" Max likes the merchandise!      

Then it was time to catch the train back to Manhattan.

(for more pictures of Oliver's haircut, please visit Oliver's own webpage!)

  the Tree at Rockefeller Center

One evening we went to MSG with Milo to watch the Knicks play their lousy version of basketball (they lost the game).


but mostly we went to fill our faces with arena food.  YUM!!




Christmas eve in Corning involved a huge tree in the dining room and an incredibly delicious chicken dinner.

  After dinner, we were too stuffed to move..  

...even when a posse of scary Santas showed up. Oddly, they only wanted to go skiing.


Christmas morning we awoke to a very, very white Christmas:


After a breakfast of Christmas stollen...

there was a flurry of gift unwrapping...  

Then it was time to get out and shovel all that snow...



Much too soon it was time to load up Todd's car for the long drive back to NYC.


Before catching our flight home to Aspen we went to see "Catch Me If You Can" with Olivia and Gila, plus dinner at Florent and late night dessert at the Chocolate Bar.  Bliss!

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