Hollywood Sojourn

March 2002


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 Friday morning:                        [

 On Friday, March 8th, more than two

 feet of snow fell on Aspen in just a few

 short hours.  Scott grabbed his powder

 skies and headed for Gondola!

 Saturday morning:          [

  That evening the storm lifted

  briefly, and we flew down to L.A.

  We woke up Saturday morning in


 The smell of the night-blooming jasmine and the spring blossoms was almost over-powering. The sun

 was warm and the snow seemed very, very far away.  Mid-morning we put the roof

 down on the trusty old Saab and headed off to nearby Glendale to visit Forest Lawn

 Memorial Park, the Disneyland of cemeteries-- which was inspiration for Whispering

 Glades Memorial Park in Evelyn Waugh's classic satire of L.A. "The Loved One".

 It seems quite appropriate that Walt Disney

 chose Forest Lawn as his final resting place

 (with Tinkerbell grieving nearby).


 Saturday evening Marty, who was in L.A.

 from New York on business, joined us at

 home for dinner.


And then on Sunday morning we did a few of the special things which define a spring morning in Hollywood... 

(and, of course, we did it    

on our big red motorcycle) 

shopping at the Hollywood Farmers' Market:  a visit to the Hollywood Heritage Museum:

 All too soon the weekend was at an end. In the morning it would be time to head back to work.

 But we stretched the weekend out a bit longer by heading over to the Palisades in Santa Monica

 to watch the March sun sink down off the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

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