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Thanksgiving 2002


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Over Thanksgiving week we headed back to London on a much-too-brief visit to meet Stella,

the newest member of the Sand family.  We spent all day Sunday getting to know little Stella,

and making funny noises in her neck.

On Monday we spent the day in Hammersmith with Stella, who -it turns out - loves to dance!

  Stella got her very own Christmas stocking! The "born to wild" tee shirt isn't just a slogan, this girl can dance! Stella doesn't care that her feet don't reach the ground, she can MOVE!

Later Stella took us out to her favorite coffee shop for a snack, a hot drink, and a nap:


And then we went round to visit Polly, who recently arrived in the lives of Cathy & Julian:


We spent a terrific day in Oxford with Suke & little Noah, and with Wendy & Oliver who traveled up from London on the train to join us:

  Suke & big boy Noah long distance call for Noah! Oliver, hard at work Oliver and Wendy  
  Noah examines Scott's camera getting ready for lunch yes, some of it did end up inside Oliver, Secret Spy Noah is ready to go for a walk. Now!  

There was just enough time for a cup of tea at Brown's in the covered market before Wendy & Oliver had to catch their train back to London.



On day we snuck away from Stella's side long enough to have lunch at Yo Sushi with Stephen and Lewis...


conveyer belt sushi at its best! with Stephen & Lewis with Lewis


On Thanksgiving morning we we headed over to Paris for a romantic getaway...   the Eiffel Tower from the Champs de Mars playing boules near Invalides at Sciences-Po, where Scott studied the eglise St. Germain des Pres hot chocolate at the Cafe au Deux Magots in St. Germain Pont des Invalides  
the neighborhood near the Eiffel Park Hotel the Tour at night view from Trocadero to Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe Notre Dame and the dome of Invalides

We had Thanksgiving dinner in a corner bistro near the hotel, then rode up the Eiffel Tower.


On Friday the leaden skies threatened rain which never came. The city is already bathed in the weak light of a Parisian winter.


Christmas is coming soon, and holiday lights are beginning to appear along the street markets.


only in Paris would a public bus have...


dispute resolution information posted at the windows:

"You may open or close the window according to your desire. In the event of disagreement, priority is given to those who want the window closed."


Back in London Halina made an amazing Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.  Stella approved!


...then we all went round to have tea and a nap with Hala & Joseph.


We spent our last day in London doing what we like best: having tea & playing with Stella on Golders Hill Park:

Then Stella told us that we're #1:  

before climbing in the car to take her mom home. We can't wait to see her again soon!


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 For even more pictures of little Stella, click on the Stella Collection



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