The Boys' First Plane Trip

Hollywood, September 12-28, 2003


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Hollywood with Todd
Boys' First Plane Trip
Hollywood Boys
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Alex & Jeremy were worried that they have been living in Aspen for four months and have

never been on a plane. They told us they wanted to join the Jet Set. Even though we don't

know what that means, we all climbed aboard a jet and flew to Hollywood for two weeks.


Plane ride to Hollywood

The boys were incredibly excited about their very first airplane ride.

Alex saw lots of new faces coming down the aisle, which made him VERY happy>

  "Whoa, did you that cute Stewardess who just walked by???" Jeremy, on the other hand,  thought he saw God at 30,000 feet> "Is that you God? Ir is it a high intensity reading light for use when they dim the cabin lighting?"

Saturday morning in Manhattan Beach


The first morning in L.A. we made our favorite Saturday breakfast pilgrimage to the white sands of Manhattan Beach>

But this wasn't just any Saturday morning...


...because our special pals Lynn & Dave & Kai &  Jaymin from back home in the Roaring Fork Valley were there too>

Sunset party on the Santa Monica Pier


Our friend David Halberstadter invited us to a private party on the Santa Monica Pier. The boys went on their first Ferris Wheel ride!


Katherine: "Are you sure you want to go up in a giant Ferris Wheel out over the ocean in earthquake country?"

  the view from the top (it's all down hill now) Katherine says "Wheeeeee!" Alex says "Wheeeeee!"    Scott says "Yummmmm!"    sunset over the south bay, in the distance: Malibu and the Santa Monica mountains isn't that Japan on the horizon?

The Huntington Gardens


Jeremy wonders: "It's nice, but is it art?"

One Saturday we went out to the Huntington Estate near Pasadena for an Asian stroll and for English tea in the shady garden caf>

Take us out to the ballpark!


On the final weekend of the 2003 baseball season Alex & Jeremy went to see the Dodgers play the Giants down at Chavez Ravine. Their third game of the summer!

Our pals Emma and Karen came with us to the game!

Visit with Linda & Ron


This lady friend of Ron's presides over the pool.  The boys invited her to come for a swim with us, but she just smiled her Mona Lisa smile and did not respond.

One day we went out to play with Linda & Ron at their beautiful new home in Palos Verdes>


Visit with Clara in Malibu


We spent time with pal Clara up the coast in Malibu, which was great fun>


Look what the tide washed in: two sleepy little boys! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hanging out on Alcyona Drive


And we hung out around the house!

surfer boys of Alcyona Drive


One morning the boys celebrated Katherine's birthday!         


There were gifts to open>

Jeremy helps with the unwrapping.

and candles to blow out>

It was exhausting!

Feeding time at the zoo!


Even more exciting than the boys first Ferris Wheel ride was their first adventure with solid foods!


Alex gives his new high chair a tentative 'okay' Jeremy thinks he's going to like this solid food game!


"I don't know. It doesn't look like milk." "Are you sure about this Mummy?" "Oh yum!  Food is good!"

Jeremy plays the fun new guessing game: "Shall I Swallow or Shall I Spit?" Jeremy decides to keep on going and eat the spoon.


Alex leans into the job. Alex goes for it with gusto. "Yes, can I help you?" Alex "The Hoover" doen't let any food go to waste.   sign of a successful meal!




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