June Beach Boys

June 2004


June Beach Boys
Hollywood with Todd
Boys' First Plane Trip
Hollywood Boys
Spiderman Weekend
Sojourn in Hollywood
Hollywood in January


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At play in the world's biggest sandbox>


We went to Manhattan Beach many times when Alex & Jeremy were tiny, but this trip was the first time they were big enough to play in the sand>




Soon they will be wanting to go surfing!



Father's Day...



2004> Alex & Jeremy made this card, with a bit of help from Katherine

The boys really threw themselves into making their Father's Day card>

         the concept that the paint goes on the paper, not on the body, has yet to sink in the Artist in his atelier Jeremy has earned his stripes! Alex thinks every major Artist should have a moustache!

On Father's Day we made our regular Sunday morning visit to the Hollywood Farmers' Market.

Aside from amazing produce, there is always great live music, including a hurdy-gurdy and bluegrass.

(Jeremy is always surprised to discover that other people know about music too!)


The Rainwater Bluegrass Band is always the boys' favorite. Click here to hear what Alex & Jeremy heard!

In the afternoon we went to Roxbury Park, where Alex went down a slide all by himself for the first time! (But playing with the stroller is sometimes the most fun of all.)


It was a truly perfect Father's Day!

Other things Alex & Jeremy like doing when we are in Hollywood>

Taking Mummy shopping>


playing with Lego>

singing with Baby Tad>


but more than anything else, Alex & Jeremy like eating!

On our last Saturday morning in Hollywood...

We went to the Empress Pavilion in the Bamboo Plaza in Chinatown for dim sum,

then explored the Central Market on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles...

We also visited the amazing Bradbury Building, built in 1894

and featured in the film BLADE RUNNER...

and stopped in at one of our favorite places in Los Angeles,

the Guadalupe Wedding Chapel on Broadway...

Then it was time to head on back home to Aspen.




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