Is Hollywood ready for Alex & Jeremy?

July 7-18, 2003


June Beach Boys
Hollywood with Todd
Boys' First Plane Trip
Hollywood Boys
Spiderman Weekend
Sojourn in Hollywood
Hollywood in January


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Alex & Jeremy spent two weeks in July exploring Hollywood, meeting more of Katherine &

Scott's friends, going to the beach and a Dodgers baseball game, and much more....


The boys were very excited about their first visit to our home in the Hollywood Hills!

Taking a meeting in Scott's office at Paramount Pictures

the Bronson Gate to the studio (Charles Bronson took his acting name from the name of the Gate) One afternoon the boys came down to the Paramount studio lot to visit Scott and his colleagues...     Katherine & Ann near Production Park Alex & Jeremy are not impressed with the stars' golf carts; they like their stroller just fine.

On the patio of Scott's office, looking over the backlot soundstages and the "HOLLYWOOD" sign on the Hollywood Hills. Jeremy & Alex help Scott with his work. Katherine offers a tour of Scott's office, and introduces Alex to a Star Trek alien.

Time out for a diaper change!

Alex looked around and thought:

 "Gee, I could do this job!"

Ann with Jeremy.

Lots of friends came by to meet the boys!

Alex and Alan Alex, Darlene, & Alan Alan, Kevin, Alex & Darlene Linda, Rebecca & Jeremy Rebecca, Jeremy, Fran & Alan Rina & Jeremy

and Jeremy showed off his versatile acting skills (here he is a Sheik Jeremy), alas his great talent remains undiscovered by casting agents>


Dinner with Bill & Lil


One evening we had a dinner with Bill & Lil in the backyard of Sherry's house> 

Saturday morning in Manhattan Beach


Our favorite Saturday morning ritual is a trip to Manhattan Beach for breakfast. The ritual is even more fun with two little boys!

As a bonus we stopped in to visit our pals Lee & Corinna at their beach house on the Strand>


Sunday morning brunch with a few friends


Scott & Jeremy Jeremy Katherine & Alex

The boys got all dressed up and invited a few pals over for Sunday brunch>



Take us out to the ballpark!

take us out to the ballpark! The day before the boys were born we took them to a Rockies baseball game. Together with Jonathan Zavin we took the boys to see their first post-arrival ball game at Dodger Stadium! the boys' pal Jonathan Zavin got great seats for us!

the view from the seats Alex is fascinated with the scoreboard!

Dinner time at

the ballpark>

Jeremy wants a Dodger Dog!!! ...but all he got was milk "Might there be some peanuts & Cracker Jacks to go with our milk, Dad?"    

         Jonathan tells Jeremy all about the designated hitter Alex cheers a Dodger home run! Jeremy models his cool new Dodgers baseball cap! baseball is very tiring! (Alex)  seventh inning stretch  we can't wait to take the boys to more baseball games!


Lake Hollywood is one of our favorite places


One evening we took the boys for

a stroll around Lake Hollywood,

in the canyon above our house>

And then, all too soon, it was time to climb back into the car and head back home to Colorado.

Alex says:

"Let's come back to 

LA again real soon!






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