June 5-11, 2004



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In June Scott spent a week in Geneva, once again stuck in Groundhog-Day negotiations at WIPO.

the Hotel President Wilson on the Quai de Mont Blanc the shoreline of the lake across at the hotel view across Lac Leman/Lake Geneva (Mont Blanc is the white peak at the right) looking across towards the Old Town

One morning I took the 1902 side-paddle steamer Suisse up Lac Léman to the old Roman town of Nyon

the Suisse tied up along side the Quai de Mont Blanc the Jet d'Eau in the center of the harbor the Jet d'Eau in the center of the harbor leaving the Suisse at Nyon the Suisse departs Nyon for Montreux


the castle, at the edge of the old town plaza in the old town the Roman ruins & museum in the old town waiting for the slow train back to Geneve

And every day, the endless negotiations and interventions at WIPO on chemain des Colombettes.  (Picture taken in the overflow room, which had a live video feed from the main hall -- Fritz & John can be seen in the background conspiring.)

On the last afternoon, I took the train the length of the Lac to Montreux and strolled along the Lac...

the lake front in Montreux one of the grand old hotels of Montreux fronting on the lake statue of Freddie Mercury (QUEEN) singing to the Lac street leading up to the train station

looking up the lake towards the Chateaux de Chillion waiting for the fast train back to Geneve passing the Suisse, making its day-long return journey back to the Quai de Mont Blanc in Geneva -- viewed from the window of the fast train heading for Geneva

A final warm June evening in Geneva>

Then Scott flew home to Katherine and Alex & Jeremy, who he had been missing so terribly much!



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