Easter on the slopes of Aspen

March 31, 2002


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 By late March in Aspen the sun is mid-summer hot and the snow is just about perfect.

 On Easter morning our best buddy Gilbert came around early, we put some good

 music in the tape deck of his Jeep, and we set off down the road for a day of spring

 skiing on Snowmass Mountain.

 We parked at Woods Run, snapped on our skis, and

 headed down the fast-disappearing snow to the lift.

 We had to race to keep up with Katherine!

             (Has she really only been skiing for four months??)

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(Katherine skiing down from Elk Camp)

 Gilbert and Scott were looking for trouble, so they took off their skies at the top of Elk Camp and

 hiked through the gate then up the ridge to the top of Long Shot. The views were amazing (neither

 one fell off the cornice), then they snapped on their skies and started down towards valley floor.



Back up on top of Elk Camp, Gilbert and Scott met up with Katherine, who had been doing high-speed top-to-bottom

laps (has she really only been skiing for four months??).

  Then it was time

  for a lunch break

  at Caf Suzanne,

  with a long bask

  in the hot sun. Afterwards we set for a few more perfect runs (no, Gilbert did not ski off the cliff).

 But the snow was beginning to turn into

 mashed potatoes, and so were our legs.

 So we skied back down to the parking lot

 where our chauffeur was waiting for us.

 Another perfect spring day in the mountains. Too bad we have to go back to work in the morning.



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