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Sunday with Sami & Sophia

July 29, 2007


On Sunday morning we did our favorite Sunday routine with Sami, Sophia, Meher, and Fareed.

First we went to the Music Tent to listen to the orchestra rehearsal and to do some rock climbing.

Our pal Zane was there too, so we got to introduce him to Sami & Sophia!

Of course there was the customary lemonade picnicÖ             Sami gave our Mummy a very pretty flower!

And then there was more exploration and more adventures!


Then it was time to ride up the Gondola for lunch at the Sundeck.      Sami & Sophia liked our Gondola!

At the top of the mountain, we met our pal Gilbert who had just hiked up from town. 

We had a yummy lunch in the Sundeck Restaurant!


Back down in town, Jeremy showed Sami how to ride a chairlift.  We canít wait to all ski together this winter!


We were very sad when Sami & Sophia had to leave for their drive back to Denver.

But thereís always something cool to look forward to in Aspen.  After we said goodbye to our pals, we had

dinner, we had our bath, and then Mummy & Daddy told us they were taking us to Wagner Park to watch a

simulcast of an opera live from the Opera House.  We donít know what an opera is, but it sounded like more

fun then going to bed!   The opera turned out to be Carmen.  We know some of the music from Carmen!

We LOVED staying up until after dark and hanging out in the park. Oh, and we liked the opera too.

Although Jeremy wanted to know why everybody kept getting arrested. And why the ladies were all smoking.




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