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² Tattooed Boys of Aspen ²

July 28, 2007


Jeremy is busy with his computer, so I thought I would write today's message myself.


When Jeremy isn’t busy writing little love notes to me and to Mummy & Daddy…

…there’s always something cool for us to do together in Aspen.


Today’s Super Cool Adventure was the Kids’ Carnival that Mummy organized to benefit Theatre Aspen.

We remembered that at last year’s Kids’ Carnival there was a dunk tank, so all week long we were incredibly

excited about the return of the dunk tank.


When we got to the Carnival, Fireman Zac (our pal Zane’s daddy) was filling the tank with a fire hose!


As soon as the tank was filled and JD took his seat in the tank, Jeremy stepped up to the plate and let

loose with one of his Future Yankee hardballs…

and with a bull’s-eye he sent JD in for a swim!       (I think that’s what’s called a sinker fastball pitch.)




There was also an excellent bouncy castle…



And, if that weren’t enough, WE GOT TATTOOS!  

 I got a snake tattoo!  (I named it Cindy Snake.)


After much debate & indecision, Jeremy decided to get a paws tattoo on his tummy!!


We are now the COOLEST boys in Aspen!




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