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˛ Saturday with Sami & Sophia ˛

July 28, 2007

On Saturday our pals Sami & Sophia drove up from Denver with their Mummy & Daddy, Meher & Fareed,

to spend the weekend with us.  We LOVE hanging out with Sami and Sophia!

Sami & Sophia are twins, just like us!   

Jeremy and Sami immediately set to work landing planes and building houses…


In the evening, we took our pals to one of our favorite restaurants.  It is an Italian restaurant called

Brunelleschi, after the famous architect who built the big dome in Florence.  But we like to call it

Bruna Let’s Ski!   At Bruna Let’s Ski! kids get to build their own pizzas!

                                      (with Jeremy sometimes more of the sauce ends up in his tummy than on the pizza)



After dinner, we played in the fountain across from the Opera House.    Sophia got VERY wet!

Jeremy danced through the fountains in time to the music from a nearby group of music students…


Alex also got very wet, but luckily Meher had brought an extra shirt.  Alex was pleased to see that his

tattoo of a green snake (Cindy Wiggly Snake) had not washed off in the fountain!


But the fun still wasn’t over!  We ate ice cream and climbed on the giant boulder in our favorite park…

what an excellent evening!




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