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˛ Race for the Cure ˛

July 21, 2007


Mummy told us that on Saturday there would be a big race in town to help raise money to find the cure for breast cancer.  And we were all going to run in the race!   All week long Jeremy was incredibly excited about running in the race “that will help Granny feel better”.  One day during the week, Mummy came home with special tee-shirts and race bibs with numbers of them!  Jeremy’s number is 624, which he immediately memorized and would recite back to anyone who asked and to many who didn’t ask.


We also got very special pink pieces of paper.  Mummy said that on the Race Day we could write Granny’s name on the pink paper so that everyone would know who we are thinking about while we are running.  We could hardly wait for the big Race Day!  Finally Saturday morning arrived, and we put on our special race gear…


Unfortunately Daddy was incredibly sick with a nasty stomach bug, so he couldn’t join us for the race.

But he did limp out to the front sidewalk long enough to take pre-race photos of Team Sand-Martin…


There was a huge crowd at the race, but we found a position near the starting line…

Yankee Bear came along as part of Team Sand-Martin, and so did Dan Rabbit and Kieran Rabbit.

(Jeremy offered to carry them since they’ve never raced before and their legs are rather short.)


And then the race was off!   Jeremy got upset when the big kids took of fast and soon disappeared from sight. 

(Jeremy is just a little tiny bit competitive.  In fact, he can’t bear the idea of not winning at absolutely everything.)      But we soon found our pace…


And we went the entire distance!!   

Which was well worth it, because at the Finish Line there was cake & lemonade!!!


And a bouncy castle, which, when the fun was all done, we got to help deflate…

What a very special morning, for a very special cause!




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