Paris Adventures (part 2)

October 2005



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² Escalators and Mongolian music ²

After our busy morning in the Jardins du Luxembourg we took an extra-long nap in our comfy apartment. Then in the late afternoon we headed off across the Marais neighborhood to the Centre Pompidou.


We didn't have much time before dinner, so the plan was to ride up the exterior escalators

(we love escalators!) in the glass tubes for a view out over the city.

When we arrived in the plaza, some men were playing traditional Mongolian music. They made very odd noises with their throats which sounded like some of our toys when the batteries are very low. We were fascinated with the noises these men can make!


(If we made noises like that Mummy & Daddy would not be happy!)


After one song Mummy gave Jeremy some Euros to put in the men’s donation case.


Alex then asked to do the same. He marched up to the case, and stood politely throughout the next song.

Even when two of the musicians stepped forward to make particularly odd noises, Alex was not in the least bit intimidated. He waited until the song was over, then dropped his coins in the case and said "mousie" (merci).

The Mongolian Men gave Alex a very nice bow.


Inside the Centre Pompidou we rode up the escalators. We LOVED that.

Jeremy kept asking "More escalator? More escalator?"  And there always seemed to be one more.

At the very top we looked out over Paris with Stella.

Then we got to ride back down again!

Back in the apartment Mummy made us a special dinner of pasta and French sausage. YUMMY!


We got to take a bath with Stella tonight, because the Big People have Big Plans for tonight, so time was short.


Daddy’s friend Vanina Marsot came over to stay with us after we'd gone to bed so that Mummy, Daddy, Granny,

Grandpa, and Aunt Harriet could go out for a special dinner to celebrate Granny’s birthday.  Granny’s actual birthday

is not until December, but just like the Queen she is having a separate "official" birthday. Since we can't all be

together in December, our trip to Paris is part of the official celebration.

 After Vanina arrived and we had gone to bed, everyone else set off by metro for the Restaurant Atelier Maitre Albert, near Maubert Mutualité. (You know a restaurant is special when it is called an "Atelier".) They told us the next morning that they had an AMAZING meal.


They said it was a very magical evening and they had a wonderful time.

After the dinner, Mummy & Daddy walked back to the apartment alone, holding hands. It was a beautiful evening for a late-night stroll across Paris.


When they got home they had a long chat with Vanina, who lives just two blocks from where we are staying and who just got back on Monday evening from a vacation in Jordan and Turkey.


Tomorrow morning we are going to the Eiffel Tower. We are VERY excited!


² "I missed you Eiffel Tower!" ²

One morning we emerged from the métro at Trocadero.

As we came around the corner of the Palais de Chaillot there it was:

the Tour Eiffel, soaring into the early morning mists of a Parisian autumn.

Jeremy was so excited he could hardly believe it.

He ran back and forth exclaiming over and over again: "I missed you Eiffel Tower" – meaning he had been waiting for this moment and couldn't believe that he was really seeing the Eiffel Tower.


Alex was every bit as excited, and soon found a dangerous ledge to climb up on from which he could get a better view of the Tour.


We had decided to approach the Eiffel Tower from the heights of Trocadero so the boys and Stella could see it first from a distance. We had overlooked the pleasure for little ones of running down the long hill towards the Seine.


We rode the red elevator up the north leg of the tower to the first level platform

where we could run around and look out over all of Paris.

It’s a big tower, but it’s a small world: we ran into our little pals Kai and Jaymin and their Mummy & Daddy (Lynn & Dave) from back home in Aspen!


The best way to celebrate a trip up the Eiffel Tower is with individual packets of crisps from the small café on the viewing platform!

Alex thinks his new hero might be Monsieur Eiffel – Mr. Eiffel built an amazing tower, with red and yellow double-decker elevator cabs which ride at an angle up the legs of the tower, and he included HUGE slow-moving wheels and many cables to power the elevators. He included everything which fascinates little boys like Alex!

Hooray for Monsieur Eiffel!


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